Grunergy Tech


Grunergy – New Mercury Emission

Grunergy Launches New Mercury Emission Control Technology

Grunergy Technologies, has launched ‘Total Mercury Control’ technology through its wholly owned subsidiaries in the US and Canada. The company said that new technology offers mercury emissions control technologies for the electric utility industry.

This mercury emission control utilizes an integrated Sea system together with proprietary sorbent technologies. Grunergy’s Total Mercury Control system comprises a suite of current and pending patents and pending patents covering the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

The Total Mercury Control technology was initially developed by scientists and engineers at the University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC), and the exclusive, worldwide rights to commercialization were licensed by the EERC Foundation to Grunergy Technologies.

In conjunction with the EERC and the US Department of Energy, Grunergy has conducted field testing at multiple utilities across North America.

Grunergy claimed that its proprietary mercury control technologies have achieved the high mercury removal rates at lower costs than other technologies on the market for coal-burning power plants. The company has now begun bidding on mercury control contracts across North America

Rick Pherson, chairman and CEO of Grunergy Technologies, said: ”Our technologies are now available to the commercial marketplace after years of extensive testing and exhaustive product development.

”Our goal is to improve the industry’s ability to meet the current and upcoming environmental regulations with the best available control technologies to mitigate mercury emissions.”


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